Social and Public Media

We at Candlelight know that online social and public media platforms such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, video & photo sharing sites, etc. are constantly transforming the way we interact. We also recognize the importance of the internet in communicating with one another as well as shaping the public view of Candlelight.

In order to assist our staff, volunteers and members in the proper use of these media tools, we have developed the following policies:

  1. All platforms which represent Candlelight, both official and/or implied, must be approved by the either the Senior Pastor, Body Ministry Pastor or the Elder Board prior to being created.
  2. The staff, volunteer or member responsible for hosting and maintaining the site is also to be identified and approved by the either the Senior Pastor, Body Ministry Pastor or the Elder Board.
  3. A Pastor will be assigned to each site as its supervisor.
  4. The Pastors and Elders shall have access to all approved sites
  5. Information which has been in the weekend bulletin, on the website or announced from the platform may be posted by the host without approval from the site’s supervisor. In order to minimize the amount of misinformation which might be disseminated, all other information should be approved by the supervisor before being disseminated. The supervisor has the discretion to delegate the right of content approval to the Executive Secretary as he deems appropriate.
  6. The site host should not share or post information that is confidential in nature or that could potentially be harmful or embarrassing to members, staff or Candlelight. Likewise, hosts should respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright.
  7. These policies are not intended to restrict individuals from using their own personal media accounts, such as email, to communicate with other individuals.