Multi-Level Marketing and Business

The concept of multilevel network marketing and cold call direct sales is not wrong, but quite often its practices are.

Most people who get involved in direct sales, multi-level or network marketing companies, do so with good intentions and honest motivations. The problem is the concept cannot deliver what it promises for a great majority of the people and, therefore, demonstrates the potential of deferred hope.

If a person hires, trains, motivates, and manages a large sales force, and is constantly filling in for the high percentage of associate dropouts, and they do it for the long game, they could be one of those people who make a lot or a fair amount of money. But generally speaking, these companies are “not in the business of selling a product;” they are “a recruiting business.”

Some would suggest that it is not the churches concern what “business” people get in, and we would agree; as long as that business is legal, ethical, moral, and consistent with biblical principles. However, when someone’s business begins to create conflict within the church, it becomes “our business,” specifically, the business of the leaders of the church.

Therefore, it is the position of Candlelight Christian Fellowship that “The solicitation or recruitment of Candlelight members, to become customers of any business, distributors in a multilevel company, salespersons, etc. is prohibited.” Members are not to use any of our gatherings, the church date base, and/or church operated social media, etc. for the promotion of said “businesses.”

Our desire is to make Candlelight a safe place, with a focus on the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, without distraction.

May the Lord bless each of us as we employ these standards!

May He allow for greater and greater ministry opportunities as we faithfully serve – in Jesus’ name!