Bible Basics Sunday Class

Sept 17th thru Nov 19th

Every Sunday from 9 am to 10 am

Place: Upstairs Conference Room

Class Teacher: Tom Leger

Sign-Ups Required

The Bible Basics class explores the story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation using the Bible and the textbook, KING OF GLORY. Be encouraged with answers to questions like:

  • What is the main message of the Bible?

  • Why couldn’t God just forgive our sins without Jesus dying on the cross?

  • How can I know for certain where I will go when I die?

  • How can I share my faith with other people?

Your teacher, Tom Leger along with his wife Lorie have been missionaries overseas and have taught this type of curriculum to many people.

Whether you are new to the Bible or have been going to church for a while, this class is great for everyone!

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C4 - Candlelight Christian Core Curriculum

Date(s): September 11th thru December 18th

When: Every Monday 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Place: Church Sanctuary

Childcare Unavailable

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Live stream not available due to copyright restrictions

C4 consists of studies that help bring that big picture into focus. It will touch on a variety of subjects that impact how we live our life in Christ. What do I believe? Why do I believe that and can I defend my beliefs? What does the Bible say about: relationships, marriage, parenting, my job or business, my money, government and political issues, the postmodern world I live in today?

We envision that C4 will give even a new believer a solid foundation on which to build – a good overview of the Bible and how to apply it to the issues that face us each day.

Cultural Apologetics Class

When: Every Sunday 6 pm to 8 pm

Place: Sanctuary

Sign-ups Required

Interested in what is happening in and to our culture? Want to investigate alternatives to the predominant mainstream media/government take? Discuss it in light of a biblical worldview.

Come join us for our cultural apologetics class! We investigate to find truth – and then focus on what we can do to promote and defend it.

Classes include videos, speakers and lively discussion

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Preparedness Classes 101 (Basic)

When: Sept 24th thru Nov 12th

Time: 2:30 pm to 5 pm

Place: Gym

Sign-Ups Required

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We have a series of classes coming up to help our members learn how to be prepared for a variety of possible disruptions. Over the years we have seen a global pandemic, supply chain issues, food shortages, inflated gas prices, and stagflation, none of which appear to be abating. Proverbs 22:3 tells us that “a prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”

  • Sept 24th: Basic Food/Water and Mental Preparedness
  • Oct 1st: Environmental/Shelter and Advanced Food
  • Oct 8th: Basic Medical and Homeopathic/Herbal
  • Oct 15th: NO CLASS
  • Oct 22nd: Personal Protection and Security
  • Oct 29th: Bug-in or Bug-out? Staying Under the Radar & Communications
  • Nov 5th: Raising Animals/Gardening
  • Nov 12th: Power (solar/generators) and open Q & A

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Preparedness Classes 201 (Advanced)

When: Spring or Summer of 2024

Time: 2:30 pm to 5 pm

Place: Gym

Sign-Ups Required

*Note: Preparedness 101 classes are recommended before the 201 classes

  • Water – catching and storing water. Food – cooking with staples to get you through.
  • Sustainable living from the garden.
  • Alternate power options, fuels, and cooking methods. Skill building.

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Membership Classes

3 classes to complete the course – 1 hour each

October 29th, November 5th & November 12th

Time: 9 AM – 10:15 AM

Place: Upstairs Chapel

Sign-Ups Required

We encourage you to become a committed, long-term member of Candlelight and enjoy the benefits of membership. Benefits form a broad base of value to each member from the most significant spiritual component to the natural and physical blessings of investing in the local church family.

Part 1 (1 hour class) October 29th

Biblical Dispensations: Understanding the dispensations and how they affect the way you understand your Bible.

Part 2 (1 hour class) November 5st

Spiritual Gifts: What is Cessationism vs. Continuationism?

Can a “believer” in Christ Jesus actually be “eternally secure”?

Part 3 (1 hour class) November 12th

CCF leadership

Why does CCF have membership?

What does it mean to be a member of CCF?

What does it mean to participate in the body of Christ?

More information on “Local” Voluntary Membership here.

Do you watch our services online and don’t live locally? Are you interested in becoming a member even though you live outside the area? More information on “At-Large Voluntary Membership” here.

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Newcomer’s Class

When: Sunday, October 22nd 9 AM to 10 AM

Place: Upstairs Chapel

Sign-Ups Required

Learn About:

Who We Are & What We Believe

Learn about our different ministries offered at Candlelight

What is the “Next Step”?

Only (1) one-hour class

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