Desire to Serve

This is Part 5 of a seven part series entitled, “When Jesus ‘Happens’ to You!” You may read the other parts here .

We are now in the fifth month of our series on the regenerational power of the Holy Spirit. The focus has been the fact that far too many people profess to know the Lord but have yet to experience a genuine encounter with Him; being born again.

Over the last few months we have looked at conviction for sin, desire to worship, love, hunger for the Word and prayer. This month we will look at the “desire to serve” which accompanies genuine salvation.

A careful look at the lives of the Bible’s leaders, prophets, disciples and apostles, allows us to discover that each of them had a direct calling with accompanying activity. This activity was directly associated with their surrender to the Lord. We can see that several of these servants were reluctant, some undisciplined and some, at times, rebellious; but all of them were called to some form of service and eventually fulfilled their role in the Kingdom.

It seems that in today’s (Western) church we see a select few who do most of the “work of ministry” and the remaining benefit from their labors. This is neither Biblical nor healthy as a model for effective ministry. It is in fact, just another symptom of the large numbers of professing “Christians” who are attending churches but are lacking a genuine spiritual re-birth.

When we are genuinely born again, we are given a passion for service. It will involve sharing our faith. It will occupy us in service to our brothers and sisters. At times, it will involve a very specific call to fulfill certain God inspired vision and directives. The point is, every born again believer has a calling from the Lord! Regenerated believers are hard pressed to escape the passion. When Jesus saves us, He calls us to His purposes and with abandon we lay aside our own agenda for His. As Peter set aside his fishing nets to fish for men, some believers will set aside “worldly pursuits” for occupational ministry.

Over the years I have seen frustrated Christians who are unfulfilled in their walk. Often this is the result of a failure to respond to the “call” God has placed on their lives. I have seen Christians who are stagnant and without vitality. This too may be caused by lack of serving. (The Dead Sea has many inlets but no outlet.)

Are you active in service? Do you have a desire to bless others in Jesus name? Do you have vision and passion to fulfill your God given directives? If so, this may be another indicator of genuine rebirth. If not, take another look at your “faith” and ask the Lord to invade you by the power of His Holy Spirit!

May the Lord Himself cause you to hunger and thirst for Him. May He allow you opportunities to serve. May you experience the satisfaction only He can provide.

Blessings upon you all,

Pastor Paul