As a fellowship of believers in service before the Lord, we at Candlelight Christian Fellowship believe in and promote marriage as a publically recognized, legal, and life-long commitment, between one man and one woman.

Biblical marriage is a covenant union ordained by God to give Him glory and to bless mankind as man and wife live in surrender to His will. It is a picture and model of the relationship Christ has with His Church.

Husbands and wives enjoy the blessings intended in marriage when they obey the Scriptures, and live together by faith in the Lord Jesus. Their children are likewise blessed as they are nurtured in the faith and admonition of the Lord.

Members of the pastoral staff at Candlelight agree to provide and promote biblical counseling designed to prepare couples for marriage prior to performing the marriage ceremony. We also agree to follow through with post-marriage follow-up and counsel as needed.

The pastors of Candlelight, in harmony with the counsel of the elders, will only perform weddings for members of the church who are in good standing, who have finished the assigned pre-marriage counseling with its associated assignments, and who are faithfully attending services at the church.

May the Lord bless each of us as we employ these standards! May He allow for greater and greater ministry opportunities as we faithfully serve one another in Jesus’ name!