Candlelight on C.A.L.L.

Critical Assistance of Labor & Love

Mission Statement

Ephesians 4:11-13

James 1:27

The purpose of the body of Christ is to serve and minister. We at Candlelight commit ourselves to the edification of one another by serving the needs of the church and community.

Value Statement

John 17:21

The body relying on the body—

of one mind, in one accord!

Vision Statement

Critical Assistance and Labors of Love.

Helping fulfill needs in the church and community—in Jesus’ name.

The Candlelight on CALL ministry aims to provide the body of Christ means to swiftly assist the Candlelight church community in emergency situations. These emergencies are defined as needs that individuals cannot easily meet on their own or with the assistance of family without significant physical or spiritual strain. While we endeavor to prevent such issues, they inevitably arise. As a church, we are committed to addressing each need as it arises; the Body serving the Body. While we cannot ensure that every need will be met promptly, we urge you to support us in serving and ministering to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sign up below to volunteer in the following categories: Yard Work; Household; Electrical; Personal Needs; Plumbing; Church Facilities.

More details of each category are listed on the sign up form.


If you attend Candlelight and have a work request in one of these categories, please email