Personal Priorities

This is one of various articles in our Bible Basics for New Believers series. You may read the other articles here .

Here is a short list of those things we are called to commit ourselves to. Use this for evaluation.

These items are listed in the order of importance:

  1. God. Our first love, affection and allegiance are always to the Lord. We will have no other gods. Jesus is number one in our lives. Worship.
  2. Spouse. If you are married, your husband or wife is the next highest priority of your life. No other person, place or thing, should come before your spouse. Cherish, nurture, listen, serve.
  3. Children. After our spouse, our kids should be receiving the best we have to offer. Love, time, training, support, discipline.
  4. Church. As Christians we are commanded to love (agape) one another. Our commitment to the body of Christ is non optional. Fellowship.
  5. Ministry. We are all called to serve the Lord and bear fruit. Serve.
  6. Employment. Our jobs are last on the list but are to be chosen with all of the above in mind. Is your job pleasing to the Lord? Does it benefit your spouse, children, church and ministry? Are your priorities in order?

Commit yourself to the above list as a pattern… and enjoy!

I love you all,

Pastor Paul