Non-Members and Minors in Leadership

Candlelight Christian Fellowship is committed to the spiritual health and doctrinal integrity of every
person we serve. Therefore, in an effort to maintain consistency and unity in theology, philosophy of ministry, and mission, we believe that those who serve in leadership positions be recognized Candlelight members.

Candlelight members are taught and have agreed to the basic Doctrines, Philosophy of Ministry, and
Mission Statement of Candlelight Church. Therefore, by agreement with the tenants and support of the various positions of the church, members qualify for consideration in roles of leadership.

Qualifying and Vetting

Officially recognized members of Candlelight, who have been vetted for leadership by a pastor, ministry
department head, or elder, may serve in a leadership capacity/position insofar as the member remains in good standing and regular/active attendance at Candlelight. Those who serve in a leadership position and are removed from active membership either by personal choice or by pastoral/elder decision must also resign or be asked to resign from leading any and all ministries under the Candlelight Church umbrella.


Because minors (under age 18) do not qualify for membership at Candlelight, they will be prevented
from serving in leadership at Candlelight. However, the minor children of active members may serve in support roles under the leadership of their parents or other active leader members.

Minors who attend Candlelight, but whose parents are not active members, may not serve in leadership
or support leadership roles. For example, a minor who attends Candlelight whose parents are non-members or do not attend Candlelight, may not serve as assistant directors, assistant teachers, etc., where any theology, philosophy of ministry, or mission instruction may be communicated. Minors who attend Candlelight whose parents are non-members or do not attend Candlelight, may serve in other non-leadership support roles. For example, they may attend, help with set-up, cleaning, running errands, etc.

Special Consideration

We desire to see all persons serve and receive service in various capacities. Therefore, contingencies for non-members and minors may be made under special circumstances—if approved by the elder board.

Non-member service will be limited to secondary leadership roles. For example, those who desire to
serve in VBS, AWANA, Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls, etc., but do not attend Candlelight, or are
attending non-members, may serve under the leadership of a Candlelight member department head—if
approved by the elder board.

Non-member adults who desire to serve in secondary leadership roles must be active members of a
biblically sound neighboring church, or regularly attend Candlelight services but are nevertheless non-members.

May the Lord use us to serve and nurture toward maturity all He sees fit to bring within the scope of our
ministry influence.