Ministry or Event Promotion Request

  1. If this is a Candlelight Ministry Promotion for a NEW ministry to Candlelight, please do not fill out this form unless a “New Ministry Start-up Application” was filled out first and approved. All new ministries to Candlelight will require written and signed approval by our pastoral staff. No verbal approvals will be accepted. Our new ministry application is located on our website under Church Forms.

  2. WE NEED (4) WEEKS’ NOTICE FROM TODAY’S DATE to submit this form.

  3. All Candlelight ministry or event promotion requests are approved by our Communications Director.

  4. Any last-minute requests submitted will not be guaranteed approval. Requests submitted within the 4-week deadline will be given first priority.

  5. This request will cover a Sunday and Wednesday announcement slide and a Sunday flyer. Our Communications Director will decide if the ministry request will be included on our website, church app, social media, and in our email blasts.

  6. Our current policy is to offer quarterly announcements for regularly occurring ministries if requested by the leader. We are only offering quarterly and not monthly promotions.

  7. If your Candlelight ministry or event requires use of the church facility (rooms in the building on specific days), please be sure to fill out a Facility Use Request form that is located on our website under “Church Forms.” All requests to use the building need to be pre-approved before a ministry form can be submitted.

Important Information:

We will make every effort to make sure your ministry or event is promoted as long as we have proper notice. Should there be too many events on a given Sunday already scheduled, we will call you to reschedule.

If your ministry or event requires registration, we recommend that they be done online, therefore, getting away from paper sign-ups altogether. If sign-ups are required, please indicate that in the details of your ministry below. We will contact you with more details if needed.

With the discretion of the Communications Director, we may extend the promotion beyond two weeks if registration is required.

Thank you for your cooperation.