Friday, April 28, 2023

Redeeming the Time Conference

Shepherding your family in a corrupt culture

Friday, April 28th, 6 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, April 29th, 10 am to 12 pm

  • Location: Candlelight Sanctuary
  • $20 per person, scholarships available
  • Friday: Light grab-and-go dinner
  • Saturday: refreshments – coffee, water, muffins, fruit
  • FREE Childcare is available thru 5th grade by reservation only, but space is limited. Register early to ensure you get a spot
  • Keynote Speaker Conrad Woodall
  • Expert Panel: Senator Ben Towes, Representative Elaine Price, Legal Activist Kate Hartley, School Trustees Leslie Bjerke and Susan Brown
  • Information booths highlighting local education alternatives and community activities

America’s children are in crisis. It’s no secret that we are now living in a post-Christian society, and without God’s miraculous intervention, this is likely to hold for the foreseeable future. As our culture becomes increasingly hostile to traditional Christian values, what are parents to do? How can we immunize our children against forces hell-bent on their grooming and indoctrination? Christian parents must reclaim lost ground in their children’s spiritual and social formation.

Candlelight’s Redeeming the Time conference is a concise, two-part solution-based presentation that will both shine the light on the precise means of cultural brainwashing occurring and provide practical steps parents can take to shield their children as they come of age in a culture hostile to everything they’ve been taught.

Our keynote speaker Conrad Woodall is a father, educator, former law-enforcement officer, and college professor. He holds a master’s degree in forensic psychology and has spent years working with children and young adults. He will be sharing his expertise regarding sexual grooming in our schools and media, teen suicide, the harmful impact of social media, and the push toward a genderless society. He will also lead an expert panel with Senator Ben Towes, State Representative Elaine Price, legal activist Kate Hartley, and local school board trustees Susan Brown and Leslie Bjerke.

Don’t miss this eye-opening weekend jam-packed with actionable information!

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